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Providing homes for people

The UK property market is failing lots of people, with rising levels of homelessness and people living in unsuitable accommodation. Social investment has clear potential to catalyse and scale those innovations in property that benefit those in greatest need. 

We have seen social investment used by charities and social enterprises to deliver affordable homes, provide specialist accommodation and support transitional housing. We will use social investment to help provide a home for people. We want to see social investment contribute to a fairer and more inclusive housing market that provides safe, secure and affordable homes to those in need and where the lives of vulnerable people are improved through housing that facilitates better care and wellbeing.


invested in charities and social enterprises

organisations receiving investment

match ratio

more people live in suitable housing

Examples from our current investment portfolio

Scaling temporary accommodation
Developing more affordable homes
Supporting community-led housing

How charities and social enterprises are using social investment

Golden Lane Housing, the housing arm of Mencap, used social investment to buy homes for people with a learning disability.
The Real Lettings Property Fund, run by Resonance in partnership with St Mungo’s is using social investment to buy properties to address homelessness in London.

We are looking for ideas for how investment might play a role in supporting innovation as well as replicating or scaling housing business models that create better social outcomes. We are interested in engaging with investors, who share our desire to think differently about the role of investment in housing to improve lives and communities.

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