Our vision and mission

We aim to build a sustainable social investment market to help social sector organisations increase their impact on society.

Our vision is  for:

A  vibrant, diverse, well capitalised and sustainable social investment market in the UK, through which social sector organisations can access appropriate and affordable finance and support to grow their positive impact on society.

Our mission is:

  1. 1

    As an investor: To have a transformative impact on the social investment market in the UK by supporting social investment finance intermediaries to become financially robust and able to:

    Attract greater and more diverse sources of investment;

    Effectively and efficiently channel appropriate and affordable capital to the social sector; and

    Provide effective financial and business support services to the social sector.

  2. 2

    As a champion: To increase awareness of and confidence in social investment by:

    Promoting best practice and sharing information;

    Improving links between the social investment and mainstream financial markets;

    Working with other investors to embed social impact assessment into the investment decision-making process.

Further details are available in our Vision, mission and activities document.