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Our mission, principles and values

Big Society Capital's ultimate purpose is to improve people's lives.


Our mission is:

To improve the lives of people in the UK by connecting investment to charities and social enterprises that are creating social change. We do this by bringing together our investment capital, our expertise and our network of partners.

We were set up with four founding principles:


The Big Society Trust, an independent holding company that owns 60% of our shares, was set up to ensure that we are held ‘on mission’. We are not owned or controlled by Government, nor are we controlled by the banks that have invested in us, which have capped shares of 40%. Read more about our governance.


We are committed to producing details of the financial and social impact of our investments. We act as a champion for sharing information and expertise across the social investment sector. Read more about our commitment to transparency.


Over time, we need to cover our operating costs and any losses from the return on our investments, as well as earn a small financial return. This will demonstrate that the social investment model is sustainable.


We act as a wholesaler, deploying capital through finance intermediaries including organisations providing market infrastructure.

Our values are:


We are passionate and energetic in our work to bring about our long-term vision of a thriving social investment market that enables positive social impact.

Pioneering Spirit

We give our team the autonomy and flexibility to be entrepreneurial and creative. We have the courage to push boundaries and a restless drive for change.


We listen, learn, experiment and collaborate. And we are adaptive and flexible in responding to what we learn.


We take a rigorous approach in all we do. We expect the highest standards and continually strive for excellence.


We are genuine in both our approach and aspiration. We value each member of our team and our partners for what they bring.