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Families, friends and relationships can be affected by a wide range of issues including domestic violence, abuse, isolation, mental illness, caring responsibilities and family breakdown. Poverty is the root cause of many issues within families and relationships as it can lead to increased financial and emotional pressure.

Our investments are providing high quality support for families, friends and relationships. For example, the Essex Social Impact Bond is supporting children on the edge of care by delivering multi-systemic therapy which is an intervention that focuses on improving parenting and rebuilding positive family relationships. Social investment is also helping to improve the provision of early years support. For example, social investment has enabled the London Early Years Foundation to develop a cross-subsidy business model where profitable nurseries in affluent areas subsidise community nurseries in deprived parts of London..

There are opportunities for social investment to scale up models of early years support or replicate successful Social Impact Bonds when further impact evidence is available. There could also be opportunities to develop new Social Impact Bonds to provide early intervention for families with multiple and complex needs.

Action for Children Social Impact Bond

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Example Investments

Support for new organisation aiming to accelerate the growth of the Local Authority-commissioned Social Impact Bond market in services for children in, or at the edge of care
Social Impact Bond to enable targeted interventions to support families adopting harder to place young people.
Intervention for 11 to 17 years olds at the edge of entering care or custody, so that they can safely remain with their families.

Future investment ideas

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Social Investment Insights

Research | 10 March 2015

This Social Investment Insights paper focuses on how social investment can be used to support families, friends and relationships.