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Other projects

Below is a list of our other live market championing projects, including names of the relevant lead in the Big Society Capital team.

Individuals/ retail social investors

Start date: November 2015

Aim: To understand the nature and motivations of individual investors as a specific source of investment capital, and what affects their take-up of social investments

Actions in next Quarter:

  • Formally commission research on individual investors
  • Respond to current regulatory consultation about the opportunity for individual investors to make direct social investments through reform to financial promotions rules
  • Review the behavioural insights that may affect take-up of social investments by individuals

Contact: Simon Rowell, Camilla Parke

Widening Participation in Higher Education through Payment by Results

Start date: November 2015

Aim: To respond to the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) consultation on the future of the Higher Education space. We believe there is an opportunity to use Payment by Results approaches to increase the access and retention of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in higher education.

Actions in next Quarter:

  • Engage higher education stakeholders to build response to the BIS consultation

Contact: Alex Goodenough

Mergers & Acquisitions Fund Exploration

Start date: November 2015

Aim: To explore potential for a merger/consolidation/ Mergers & Acquistion Fund for charities and social enterprises

Actions in next Quarter: 

  • Continue to test appetite from charities and social enterprises as well as potential co-investors (most likely to be trusts and foundations)

Contact: Christine Chang

Shared Measurements

Start date: November 2015

Aim: To investigate the potential for a shared social impact measurement framework across multiple sectors by 2018. This will involve working with partners to design and develop common measures and tools for specific sectors.

Actions in next Quarter: 

  • Discuss appetite among potential partners

Contact: Marcus Hulme

Completed projects

See a list of our completed projects.