Building Blocks
What makes a good intermediary?

As a means of providing targeted support to our investees, we set out to answer the question – what makes a good intermediary?

Together with social investment fund managers and advisors/arrangers we explored the essential components that make up an intermediary and what they look like in practice. The results are the 'Building blocks' and ‘in practice’ guides.

In order to understand what support is available, we developed a map to sit alongside the Building Blocks framework. It provides a high level overview of some of the toolkits and reading materials available to intermediaries under each of the Building Block components.  It includes resources that are both specifically aimed at social investment intermediaries, and generic resources that others have found useful. This is a working document that we intend to regularly update.

The Building Blocks

What this looks like in practice

Mapping what support is available

We are currently piloting a process with a number of intermediaries in our portfolio to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses, mapped against available support. In the long run we hope this will help the development of individual organisations but also help to diagnose sector gaps and where more support is needed.

We’d love to hear from you on any feedback on the Building Blocks or 'In Practice' Guide. 

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