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Social Investment Tax Relief: Eligibility criteria for investments

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is a tool social enterprises and charities can use to raise investment for their trading activities. On this page, you can find information on what the eligibility criteria is for an investment to qualify for SITR.

Eligible organisations can be use SITR to raise finance:

  • through loans or shares
  • that isn’t secured against an asset
  • where repayments don’t start until 3 years and 1 day after the investment is made
  • that can be offered on the organisation’s terms

Eligibility criteria to use SITR

For an investment to qualify for SITR, it must satisfy the following criteria:

Organisation seeking investment



Trading activities

  • Registered charity
  • Community Interest Company
  • Community Benefit Society

Less than 250 employees


Less than £15m in assets

Most trades qualify but a trade doesn't qualify if it consists wholly, or substantially (more than 20%), of excluded activities 

Excluded activities include*:

  • Energy generation
  • Property development
  • Lending
  • Leasing
  • Operating or managing nursing homes or residential care homes
  • Receipt of royalties or license fees

See our FAQs for more information on qualifying trading activities.

Total that can be raised

Organisations less than 7 years old

Organisations more than 7 years old

£1.5m lifetime

£290k (over a three-year period, £1.5m over a lifetime)

* For a full list of conditions, see the government's guidance on applying to use SITR

More information to help you use SITR

Visit GET SITR for more free support and resources including: