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Good Finance: a place to find options if you're looking for social investment

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Following on from my earlier blog on lessons from Let’s Talk Good Finance, I wanted to emphasise that there are options. And a great way to help charities and social enterprises navigate those options is Good Finance.

I had to kiss a lot of social investment frogs before I found my social investment prince.

I love this quote from one social entrepreneur. It’s a great analogy that demonstrates that finding the right lender for your needs is key.

Is it a bad thing that there is choice? No. But it can mean that finding the right social investor may not be simple. And there is certainly still work to do with regards to having equal accessibility to a range of products and providers across the UK.

Good Finance: a go-to place to help you find out what’s available and where

This is why the Good Finance website was such a breakthrough. Together with our partners, we created it to help social enterprises and charities make lighter work of the landscape particularly who offers what and where

To date, it’s had over 45,000 users to the site since it launched in April 2017 and almost 12,000 views of the ‘what is social investment video’. Good Finance has really filled a gap, providing an independent and single trusted source of information for social enterprises and charities on this subject.

More learning and sharing at Let’s Talk Good Finance

Let's Talk Good Finance

With Let’s Talk Good Finance, we will continue to capture the wisdom and share the learning around social investment. We will also continue to break down barriers, remove the jargon and explain the financial terms so that we can all talk the same language.

We believe that social investment can be a useful tool. But it’s important to understand what it is and how it can be utilised to make the best impact on people’s lives. After all, making a difference is what defines us from other types of business.

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30 August 2018


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