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How social investment is making a difference in local constituencies

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The general election is approaching. As campaigning intensifies, attention is shifting back to local constituencies. For social investment to maintain its support, it needs to be able to show how it is making an impact on the ground in constituencies across the country. And it needs key decision-makers, like MPs, to know how and where it is making a difference. New data we’ve obtained suggests that there are already 70 different constituencies across the country benefitting as a result of our social investments - so there’s a story to be told.

For this reason, last week we held a drop-in session in the Houses of Parliament to reach out to representatives from all parties to make sure they knew what social investment was, what it could do and to answer any questions about it. The event was well attended by MPs and staff, with engaging discussions with members of our team, and we were pleased to find a high level of interest and even enthusiasm for social investment and BSC. The conversations focused on how social investment could work in their local area, particularly with helping support community organisations. Ideas for its use ranged from how to provide better food and jobs for the homeless people, to better disabilities services to better care for our elderly.

This has reinforced to us the importance of being able to communicate how social investment can make a difference in local areas all across the country, but also its diversity of use across a range of social challenges. As we grow and more investments are made into charities and social enterprises by funds we have invested in, we are keen to keep collecting and sharing more detailed information to show the potential of social investment to others.

After this initial event, we’re keen to continue to engage with MPs from all political parties about how social investment can work for them and their local constituencies. We welcome all MPs to join the conversation, so please contact us for more information on

We would like to thank all those MPs that attended, with a special thanks to Barry Sheerman MP who kindly sponsored the event.

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16 February 2015


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