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Impact Measurement in Practice: Learning from the frontline

We recently commissioned a case study report to understand more about impact measurement approaches that are being used by charities and social enterprises who have taken on social investment.

The report identified five key themes from the case studies. These include:

  1. Co-developing an approach with your investor.
  2. Embedding impact measurement into day to day operations.
  3. Engaging all staff members.
  4. Using a theory of change.
  5. Using qualitative as well as quantitative data

Top tips on implementing impact measurement were also gathered from the case studies which include:

  1. Simplicity is key.
  2. Impact measurement is a work in progress.
  3. Make measurement a team effort.  
  4. Do it for the right reasons.
  5. Embed measurement into everyday business operation.
  6. Have a dedicated impact lead.

We are committed to supporting the development of impact measurement in the social investment market and believe that is an essential tool to help organisations to respond to the views of service users and raise social investment. For further resources please visit the impact measurement section of the Good Finance website.

Last updated | 
15 December 2016


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