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Blog | 5 August 2015

"There has been a recent flurry of discussions on impact measurement and social investment."

Blog | 31 July 2015

Last month saw an important milestone for Big Society Capital: the first investment redemption from our portfolio. Scope, the disability charity, repaid the £875,000 investment we made via Investing for Good, the social finance intermediary who arranged and underwrote the transaction.  

K10 Construction Apprenticeships
Blog | 27 July 2015

K10 helps young people to find sustainable full-time employment by providing pre-employment training and paid apprenticeship opportunities in the construction and financial sectors in London.

Get SITR Logo - Tax break for charities and social enterprises
Blog | 17 July 2015

It's one year since the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) was launched and it has been exciting to see the first charities and social enterprises using the relief in such a diverse range of ways.

FutureBuilders England Logo
Blog | 15 July 2015

Futurebuilders was perhaps the big social investment initiative of the noughties. What can social investors today, including Big Society Capital which is one of the big initiatives of the current decade, learn from the Futurebuilders experience?

Blog | 7 July 2015

Last week the National Audit Office (NAO) released a report with an analysis of Payment by Results (PbR) which examines previous programmes commissioned by government.

Blog | 29 June 2015

Corporate social investment is likely to come from pioneering companies who have piloted targeted social investment approaches, and then take them to scale through more meaningful engagement with the business.  The most successful adopters will go well beyond a PR-focused approach and excel at identifying strategic opportunities arising out of social investments.

Blog | 25 June 2015

Writing in today's Guardian, Katie Allen looks at how K10 is using social investment from Impact Ventures UK (which Big Society Capital invested into) to support young people into apprencticeships in the construction industry.

Read more in: At some point we will have no one coming into the construction industry.

Golden Lane Housing on the London Stock Exchange
Blog | 24 June 2015

In 2014 Golden Lane Housing (GLH) faced a challenge.  It was a problem faced by many voluntary organisations and social enterprises and it was this: how to get capital to expand and develop the business.

Blog | 17 June 2015

Last night I was delighted to present Good Will Solutions CIC with the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Midlands in the Social Entrepreneur Category.

Blog | 12 June 2015

Since the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) was first announced in last year’s Budget, it has offered a new dynamic to social impact investing.

Business Impact Challenge Logo
Blog | 12 June 2015

Not all business investments are created equal. That’s why we’re delighted to see new research from Harvard Business School (HBS) that shows that companies that make serious investments into the most important social and environmental factors can create significant business value relative to their peers.

Blog | 11 June 2015

One might make the same judgement about the availability of data in the social investment market. For both charities and social enterprises, and social investors, collecting, processing and sharing data in a comparable manner is difficult.

Blog | 11 June 2015

One might make the same judgement about the availability of data in the social investment market. For both charities and social enterprises, and social investors, collecting, processing and sharing data in a comparable manner is difficult.

Blog | 4 June 2015

Last month, Prince Charles visited the Homeground Hostel in Liverpool to meet young homeless people helped by Local Solutions, a charity supporting vulnerable and excluded people throughout the Merseyside region.

Blog | 27 May 2015

There is consensus in the UK that financial exclusion is a major problem. After years of branch closures, and post-crisis pressure to tighten lending standards, high street banks are increasingly withdrawing from lower-income communities and marginal businesses – leaving many individuals, businesses and charities unable to access appropriate and affordable financial services.

Blog | 26 May 2015

Over the past five or so years, social investment has been a key part of my life. One of the most heartening aspects has been the cross-party support that it has generated. While initiatives such as the early development of Big Society Capital took place under a Labour administration, the last Government continued to drive real action in social investment. From the Social Investment Tax Relief to the expansion of Social Impact Bonds in the UK from one to 25, the last five years have seen significant strides. But now is not a time to rest on laurels. Much more is needed to help enable and harness social investment as a key tool for delivering social impact.

Blog | 21 May 2015

Earlier this week, more then a hundred people from across the social sector gathered to celebrate Big Society Capital’s third anniversary and the launch of our Annual Report. We heard from a panel of speakers, comprising of Joanne Hay, CEO of Teens & Toddlers, Kate McLeod, CFO of Mencap, Andy Walsh, General Manager of FC United of Manchester and Dai Powell, CEO of Hackney Community Transport. Each shared their experience of taking on social investment, what it has allowed their organisations to do and how the market has developed over the last few years.

Blog | 19 May 2015

Early attempts to introduce payment by results into public services may have been met with scepticism, but the coalition government made important progress in developing new commissioning mechanisms that focus on paying for outcomes rather than simply paying for services, and showed a willingness to learn. Read more in The Guardian >>


Blog | 19 May 2015

If I were Justice Secretary I would update procurement practice to align with the ambition of charities and social enterprises playing a key role in delivering criminal justice services.

Blog | 15 May 2015

Mental illness is the largest single cause of disability in the UK. Almost one in four adults in the UK and one in 10 young people have a mental health problem, and nine out of ten people experience stigma and discrimination. The stigma associated with mental illness can often mean that many people hide their condition and do not seek appropriate support. 

Blog | 12 May 2015

Like all the best ideas, it’s very simple. The majority of people who need mental health services don’t currently access them – whether because of logistics, worry about asking for help, or not knowing what’s available. Lots of people use the internet. So let’s offer them safe and effective mental health support online.

Blog | 6 May 2015

BBC One recently screened a Panorama documentary called ‘The Great Housing Benefit Scandal’ which highlighted the dire conditions that some social tenants face from living in the private rented sector including severe overcrowding, freezing conditions and harassment. The programme stated that an estimated £3 billion of housing benefit is spent annually on poor quality private rented accommodation and suggested that some landlords are exploiting vulnerable tenants.

Business Impact Challenge Logo
Blog | 1 May 2015

The Business Impact Challenge attracted corporates from all sectors, and we quickly realised that corporates are approaching social investment for a wide range of reasons.  Some companies purely wanted to “do good”; others wanted to use an investing approach to help them find “the next big business idea.”