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Cass Business Symposium

Location: Macquarie Group, Ropemaker Place, 28 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9HD

In partnership with Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE), Charity Finance Group and Charities Aid Foundation, we hosted a symposium on charity finance and social investment. The aim of the Symposium was to create a base of understanding and critical thinking from which to explore non-profit finance models.

Guest speakers included: Caron Bradshaw, CEO of Charity Finance Group, Tom Lewis-Reynier, Communications Director at Catch22 and Sara Llewellin, CEO of Barrow Cadbury Trust. 

Read our Head of Social Sector Engagement Director, Geetha Rabindrakumar's thoughts on the future of charity finance - Head over Heart: Why should charity finance directors be interested in a new conversation?

Last updated | 
8 January 2016