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Big Society Capital Market Update and Call for Ideas

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Big Society Capital (“BSC”) is committed to building a strong, diverse and sustainable social investment market in the UK.

In September 2012, BSC announced its first investment commitments of £37 million, spanning 12 different investment proposals and a range of products, geographies and market sectors. During the remainder of 2012, BSC will continue to work on its investment pipeline with the aim of making at least £50 million of investment commitments within the 2012 calendar year.

BSC is also developing a more detailed understanding of how the social investment market might evolve in 2013 and beyond. This now allows us to highlight market sectors where we see significant opportunity or market need. In some areas, these opportunities are not reflected by the proposals we are receiving on a day-to-day basis, and so we want intermediaries and front line organisations to approach us with their social investment ideas.

The purpose of this market update is therefore to:

  1. Outline BSC’s view of how the overall social investment market might evolve
  2. Provide BSC’s assessment of individual market sectors, including a call for investment ideas in:
  • payment-by-results
  • health, ageing and personal care
  • community enterprises and assets
  • affordable housing, including community
  • led development models

     3. Explain how to take forward investment ideas with BSC

This is BSC’s first market update. It is far from a full description of the social investment market and all the opportunities available within it. While this update calls for ideas in some specific areas, BSC continues to welcome investment proposals across a wide range of social issues at any time. We also hope to issue more market updates in the future, as our understanding deepens.

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31 October 2012