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News | 26 November 2012

Payment-by-Results (PbR) schemes can be boosted by five key actions, leading social investors Big Society Capital and Bridges Ventures (Bridges) have told Minister for Government Policy, Oliver Letwin.

News | 26 November 2012

The last year has seen rapid progress in the adoption of Payment-by-Results (PbR) programmes in the UK. The social sector is playing its part - at least ten new PbR schemes have come on-stream during 2012 that will be delivered by charities and social enterprises, and which are backed financially by social investors.

News | 23 November 2012

- Bridges Ventures (Bridges) and Big Society Capital today announced they are lead investors in a new Social Impact Bond (SIB) commissioned by Essex County Council and developed by Social Finance, to fund an intensive intervention programme to help vulnerable young people at risk of going into care

Research | 20 November 2012

An in-depth and long-running study of charitable giving habits.

Research | 15 November 2012

This report sets out the findings of a working group of financial services and social investment experts convened to explore the relationship between social investment and the regulatory concept of ‘suitability’.

Blog | 31 October 2012

Today Big Society Capital (“BSC”) has published a ‘market update’ that sets out our view of how the social investment market might evolve. It also calls for specific investment ideas focused on health, social care and ageing; on community enterprises and assets; and on affordable housing. You can read the detailed document here.

News | 31 October 2012

Big Society Capital (“BSC”) is committed to building a strong, diverse and sustainable social investment market in the UK.

News | 31 October 2012

Big Society Capital calls for social investment ideas in outcomes finance, health, community and affordable housing sectors

Research | 27 September 2012

This report looks at how to scale up the reach and impact of social projects, building on their success at a time of reduced resources. This leads to the idea of Social Franchising as an investment opportunity for those promoting social change.

Research | 14 September 2012

The report details a need for more support in the emerging social investment market and aims to promote a better understanding of how to help UK organisations in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector prepare to secure repayable finance.

Blog | 13 September 2012

Big Society Capital was established to grow the social investment market in the UK. To do this we are investing to build the market infrastructure and support development of the financial intermediaries that are required to connect investors looking for both a social and financial return with the enterprises they can invest in to achieve this goal.

Research | 13 September 2012

This report provides the first overview of potential social investment demand in the coming three to four years, broken down into economic sectors and financial products. In addition, it lays down a clear logic for how social investment demand can be estimated from a series of related drivers.

News | 13 September 2012

New social investment commitments announced by Big Society Capital and City of London Corporation, as report reveals demand for social investment could grow to £1 billion by 2016

News | 4 April 2012

Today marked the official launch of Big Society Capital (BSC), the UK social investment fund aiming at channelling fresh money into the social enterprise sector, and achieving positive societal impact.

News | 4 April 2012


Blog | 3 April 2012

Today marks the operational launch of the UK’s dedicated social investment wholesaler – the first institution of its type in the world.

Research | 26 January 2012

This report reviews the landscape of the U.K. social investment market, and outlines a decision-making framework to help private and institutional investors evaluate social investment opportunities within a diversified portfolio.

Research | 18 January 2012

This paper provides an overview of how the social investment market is driven, why its affecting more and more organisations and the challenges that the sector faces in engaging with social finance.

Research | 1 January 2012

A report on the major trends shaping impact investing and how social entrepreneurship is redefining the meaning of return