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News | 8 October 2019

Big Society Capital, the UK’s leading social impact investor, and Bristol City Council are today announced as cornerstone investors in City Funds. This is a place-based impact investment fund aiming to address the causes and effects of inequality, whilst also generating a financial return for investors.

How to get more social enterprises to scale and why we need to
Blog | 30 September 2019

What would our world be like if every business existed to create value for more than its own (probably rich) shareholders? What if every business we buy from in our everyday lives deliberately produces positive social and environmental impact, alongside profit? A more equitable and better world would result.

Events | 26 September 2019

Free 1:1 SITR surgeries for social enterprises, charities & community businesses on 26 September.

Location: either in Birmingham or by phone/Zoom

News | 24 September 2019

The UK’s leading social impact investor, Big Society Capital, has today announced that James Westhead will be joining its executive team as Head of Engagement.

Blog | 17 September 2019

In the last of four blogs responding to challenges raised by social enterprises to us, CEO Cliff Prior shares his thoughts on social impact investing’s role in creating radical change. He also explains what Big Society Capital is doing around this.

News | 16 September 2019

A yearlong programme has underlined the fact that robust research practices are crucial in ensuring mental health technology start-ups create products aligned with the real needs of individuals. This approach better enables start-ups to build the evidence they need to secure contracts, grant funding and investment.

Connecting research and ventures to improve mental health
Research | 13 September 2019

A significant proportion of the UK population experience mental ill health, and there is an unmet need for mental health services and preventative solutions, particularly among vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Despite an increasing array of online and in-person interventions, there are barriers to the adoption and scaling of innovative solutions. Mental health research funding receives 25 times less per person than cancer research, with only 3.9% going towards prevention (MQ, UK Mental Health Research Funding 2014-2017).

Events | 29 August 2019

Free 1:1 SITR surgeries for social enterprises, charities & community businesses on 29 August

Location: either in Birmingham or by phone/Zoom

Events | 29 August 2019

Our expert answers your questions on Social Investment Tax Relief

Webinar: 29 August 2019, 4.15-5.00pm - CANCELLED

Thomas Mackay Staff Big Society Capital
Blog | 15 August 2019

After spending time examining our open-source SITR Deals Database for the Government’s review of Social Investment Tax Relief, On-Purpose Associate Thomas Mackay picks out some of the headlines that helped to inform Big Society Capital’s response.

Big Society Capital Blog Social Housing in the UK
Blog | 14 August 2019

The UK has just celebrated 100 years of the Addison Act, a transformational piece of social policy that led to 500,000 council homes being built over the course of three years. The act was transformational because it was the first time that safe, quality and affordable homes became available at scale throughout the entire country. 

Community Investment - Photo credit Grameen America
Blog | 14 August 2019

Reflecting on our recent Learning Report, Community investment lessons from the US in collaboration with Citi, there are some key learnings on catalytic capital relevant to social investment in the UK.

Good Finance Live NW in Manchester, June 2019
Blog | 8 August 2019

In the third of four blogs responding to challenges raised by social enterprises, Big Society Capital’s Head of Strategy Stephen Muers explores the power dynamics between investees and investors. He also shares what we’re doing around this.

What social enterprises tell us they want: Cheaper money
Blog | 24 July 2019

A recurring challenge we get from social entrepreneurs around social impact investment is on the cost of capital. More specifically, they tell us they want cheaper, more patient money that can and will take more risks.

News | 17 July 2019

Over 30,000 social enterprises and charities could benefit from Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR), suggesting vast untapped potential, according to research undertaken by Big Society Capital, and backed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

News | 10 July 2019

The Government’s call for evidence on Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) will close one week from today. With grant funding becoming a scarce resource and the demand for small amounts of patient, unsecured capital growing SITR is more important than ever.

Affordable Housing in the UK
Blog | 10 July 2019

The UK’s housing crisis is a universal problem, with an inadequate supply of high quality, affordable homes leading to rising levels of homelessness and people living in unsuitable accommodation. Home ownership is becoming increasingly unaffordable, and for many is now only a pipedream.

Big Society Capital Community Investment Report - Lessons Learned from the USA.png
Research | 4 July 2019

This learning report sponsored by Citi, explores some of the lessons learned from US community investment that could inform the UK’s efforts to scale the social and economic impact of community lenders and promote inclusive growth.

Community Investment in the US Childcare
Blog | 1 July 2019

Today we launch a new learning report exploring some of the lessons from US community investment that could inform the UK’s efforts to scale the social and economic impact of community lenders and promote inclusive growth.

Events | 25 June 2019

Free 1:1 SITR Surgeries for charities and social enterprises on 25 June

Location: either in Birmingham or by phone/Zoom

News | 12 June 2019

Big Society Capital has released its latest Annual Review covering the year 2018, revealing £90 million of new commitments were made over the year. Alongside other investors, the organisation has also made £1.7 billion available for social enterprises and charities as they tackle some of the toughest social issues faced by people in the UK.

Action Homeless CEO Mark Grant writes why SITR could be a game-changer
Blog | 11 June 2019

Action Homeless CEO Mark Grant writes why he believes simplifying Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) could be a game-changer that would allow them to raise flexible, patient and risk-tolerant capital, which they could use to provide more affordable housing to people affected by homelessness.

News | 10 June 2019

Following the release of the Labour Party’s new strategy document, From Paternalism to Participation: Putting civil society at the heart of national renewal, Cliff Prior, CEO of Big Society Capital, sets out the work currently being undertaken in the more deprived areas of the UK.

Affordable Housing Focus Area Big Society Capital
Blog | 5 June 2019

In 2017, we announced housing would be a core focus area for developing new investments in the next phase of our strategy. Our belief that housing is an area where social impact investment can make a substantial difference was informed by the pressing social problem, along with our experience of making investments in housing which have already raised £500m from us and other investors.

Gender Lens Investing Event New York
Blog | 5 June 2019

Our Investment Director, Karen Ng, reflects on her key takeaways from participating in GIIN’s Gender Lens Initiative (GLI) as a working group member over the past year. Karen attended the final event in New York in May.