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Big Society Capital (BSC) believes the forthcoming reforms to probation services could present a significant opportunity for social sector organisations (SSOs). The reforms are titled Transforming Rehabilitation, and that is just what most SSOs in the justice sector seek to do, and in many cases have a strong track record of achieving. We note and welcome the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) commitment to SSOs in their consultation document1 . We ourselves stand ready to help the social investment market play its part in the reforms, improving justice SSO’s access to appropriate capital.

However, there are many aspects of market, programme and procurement design to get right if SSOs really are to realise their full potential to improve rehabilitation and reduce reoffending. In particular, BSC believes the probation reforms should be underpinned by two general principles:

  1. Rehabilitation needs to be genuinely incentivized in the MoJ’s commercial proposition
  2. Good supply-chain behaviour, particularly with regards to SSOs, needs to be articulated and encouraged This document is BSC’s response to the MoJ’s consultation.

It is structured as follows:

  • Two general principles to underpin the justice reforms
  • BSC’s response to the detailed consultation questions
  • BSC’s own role in the justice reforms
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22 February 2013