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Website build - Invitation to tender

We are looking for a software development team to lead on the build of our new website.

Big Society Capital improves the lives of people in the UK by connecting social investment to charities and social enterprises.

We engage with investors, fund managers, charities and social enterprises to make it easier to use social investment. With our co-investors, we have made over £1bn of new capital available to organisations with a social mission, through investments into fund managers and social banks.


Our current website was launched in January 2015. Since then, our culture and the wider social investment market have changed significantly. In 2017, we launched our new strategy, focussing on: providing homes for people in need; supporting communities to improve lives; and early action to prevent problems.

Working closely with our design agency, Snook, we are developing a new brand identity and web presence to reflect and communicate our renewed strategy.  Having gained experience of taking a user-led approach, in particular with, we will be taking a user-led approach to developing our brand and delivering our new web presence.

We are looking for a software development team to join our collaboration with Snook and lead on the build of our new website. Snook will lead on the research, brand and digital strategy, user experience and visual design. You will be part of this process throughout, leading on implementation including technology strategy, frontend and backend software development, hosting and technical support.


Procurement and Schedule

Invitation to Tender Published

Monday 11th December 2017

Deadline for Submissions

Monday 8th January 2018

Interviews 1

w/c 15th January 2018

Contract Awarded

w/c 22nd January 2018

Project Start Date

w/c 22nd January 2018

Prospective Beta Release Date

May 2018

  1. Interviews cannot be rescheduled.  Please ensure that you are available for interview during week commencing 15 January 2018.


Budget and Pricing

The total budget deliver the build of the new Big Society Capital website is up to £32,000 exclusive of any applicable VAT.

This fee is inclusive of:

  • Technology Strategy
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Debugging and Snagging
  • Delivery management
  • On-costs of API or platform fees used by the site for a minimum of 3 years

There will be a separate contract for maintenance and small jobs following launch. Please specify options for up to £3,000 per year exclusive of any payable VAT.

There will be a separate budget for hosting and DNS management.


Instructions to Tenderers

These instructions are designed to ensure all tenders are given equal and fair consideration and should be read carefully to ensure tenders include all the information required.

Tenders will be evaluated solely on the information supplied in response to this Invitation to Tender.  The tender documents submitted to Big Society Capital must be in the format of a completed Questionnaire (see attached), which may be supported by additional documentation such as a PDF portfolio or samples of previous work.

The questionnaire has been divided into the following parts which relate to the Award Criteria:

  • Part A - Team Fit and Culture
  • Part B - Budget
  • Part C - Approach, Schedule and Risks
  • Part D - Client References
  • Part E - Certification

The information from the tenderer that is required for each part is detailed in the questionnaire.


Tender Award Criteria

The contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender based on the following award criteria:

Award Criteria



Team Fit and Culture

  • Clear understanding of the collaborative and user-led nature of the project, demonstrated through relevant experience from previous work.

40 %


  • Value for money is demonstrated.

20 %

Approach & Delivery Schedule

  • Clarity and suitability of approach. The schedule ensures delivery within the required timeframe.

40 %


Submission Requirements

Tenders comprised of completed questionnaires and any supporting documentation should be returned to the Communications Director, David Dinnage via email

Tenders must arrive no later than the deadline of 12 noon on Monday 8 January 2018. We cannot consider tenders received after the deadline.



All queries should be directed to the Communications Director, David Dinnage.

All answers to queries will be circulated to all tenderers unless they are deemed by Big Society Capital to be of a commercially confidential nature.


Terms & Conditions

Tenderers are required to keep tenders valid for acceptance for up to a period of 60 days from the date of the tender.

The issue of this Invitation to Tender in no way commits Big Society Capital to award any contract to any tenderers.

Big Society Capital reserves the right to amend or cancel the tender process at any time.

Tenderers are solely responsible for their costs and expenses in connection with the preparation and submission of responses to this Invitation to Tender and the consequent selection and evaluation processes.

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11 December 2017