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Research | 27 December 2013

This report aims to disseminate best practice and lessons learned from innovators in impact investing, in order to provide action oriented information for active and potential new impact investors.

Research | 24 October 2013

Portfolio of research and intelligence on the social investment market.

Research | 12 September 2013

This research outlines a vision for the social investment market and the ‘infrastructure’ required to deliver it by taking stock of the current state of the market and to making recommendations for the future.

Research | 10 September 2013

This report provides a market assessment and recommendations for how mainstream investors can more actively engage in impact investing.

Research | 24 July 2013

This report provides data to help understand the shape and scale of the UK social investment market and the economic impact it is delivering across the UK.​

Research | 8 July 2013

A review of the finance market for public service mutuals, following analysis of 71 mutuals collectively delivering £1.2 billion of public services.

Research | 3 July 2013

This report helps funders think through the benefits and risks of social investment, and how to decide if it is for them.

Research | 3 June 2013

This paper revisits the question of whether the current social finance model fits the needs of community-based social enterprises, examining the question from the perspective of an experienced finance professional.

Research | 1 June 2013

This report aims to increase understanding of the finance needs of health and social care spin-out social enterprises, in order to prompt the development of appropriate investment solutions to meet those needs.

Research | 1 June 2013

This report reviews corporate attitudes, motivations and barriers to investing in the social investment market.

Research | 1 June 2013

This report, commissioned by Big Society Capital and the Private Equity Foundation, looks at the opportunities for social investors in closing the attainment gap in education.

Research | 29 May 2013

This report aims to open up more information about developments in social investment by showcasing new fund structures: “co-mingling” social investment funds.

Research | 17 May 2013

An examination of social enterprise to business trade in the United Kingdom by Masters in Public Policy candidates from Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Research | 13 March 2013

This report investigates the basis for and potential implications of introducing a tax relief for social investment.

Research | 8 March 2013

This report explores the challenges and opportunities of social investment for charities in England and Wales.

Research | 27 February 2013

This report looks at social impact measurement across different sectors in a rapidly changing market-place.

Research | 25 February 2013

This is a brief handbook explains the basics of social investment, including what social investment is, the social investment market, types of social investment products, investor concerns and the UK’s expertise in social investment

Research | 1 February 2013

This guide sets out current best practice for impact investors specifically in relation to impact, drawing on a wide range of research and detailing a model impact investment process.

Research | 17 January 2013

This report presents the findings of the largest survey of social enterprises in the UK. Its results are taken from 878 telephone and online interviews with senior figures on social enterprises

Research | 16 January 2013

This report outlines how Local Impact Funds can support the creation of a ‘social economy’ for Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP), Local Authorities and other key local actors.

Research | 8 January 2013

Based on a survey of members of the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), this report details the behaviours, attitudes and interests of UK charitable foundations in relation to ‘social investment’.

Research | 1 January 2013

This paper examines whether the current social finance model fits the needs of the community-based social enterprise marketplace, from the perspective of an experienced social entrepreneur.