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Health and Social Care and Social Investment

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This Social Investment Insights paper focuses on how social investment can be used to support the health and social care sector.

The health and social care system in the UK is under severe strain with increasing demand created by an ageing population and more people living with long term conditions. Although over £130 billion is spent on health and social care, the current system of provision often delivers poor outcomes and offers inconsistent quality across the country.

Charities and social enterprises have a key role to play in addressing this issue and in light of this we have looked at a number of areas where social investment might act as a catalyst for greater impact and system change.

Big Society Capital currently has a number of investments in its portfolio seeking to improve outcomes in health and social care. These include funds providing working capital to delivery bodies as well as investment into new models of care that shift acute spending into preventative interventions.

As part of our current strategy we are seeking investments that have the potential to develop innovative ways of addressing social issues as well as those that have the potential to scale-up and attract large amounts of capital. We seek to make investments which deliver improved social outcomes for vulnerable or disadvantaged people, groups or communities, and will prioritise investments that deliver positive change for people in greatest need.

This paper sets out Big Society Capital’s thinking in more detail and invites those with ideas and opportunities to approach us for further discussion. Big Society Capital is a social investment wholesaler, which means we can only invest via social investment finance intermediaries (“intermediaries”). However, we would also be interested in hearing from charities, social enterprises, housing associations and property specialists with a social mission who have ideas of ways that Big Society Capital should be looking to use investment in this sector.

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10 December 2014