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Case for credit union report snippet
Research | 3 October 2016

In 2015, Big Society Capital and the Association of Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL), asked Social Finance to review the credit union landscape in order to understand the potential for social investment to help grow the sector and make it more sustainable.

Research | 7 July 2016

Exploring the experiences of charity and social enterprise Boards with social investment. 

Research | 23 May 2016

All corporations seek to differentiate themselves and look for new ways to create value. But when many traditional routes have been exhausted, how does an organisation change the way it does business?

Research | 17 May 2016

Big Society Capital, the UK-based Social Investment Institution, and Cambridge Associates, the global investment adviser, have pioneered a radical new approach for managing Treasury portfolios, in a move that could propel the UK’s social investment market to a new level.

Research | 9 May 2016

There are almost 170,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, which looks set to increase

Research | 22 March 2016

Big Society Capital has produced its first comprehensive estimate of the size and composition of social investment in the UK. 

Research | 4 January 2016

Financial services offer the potential to help manage fluctuations in income and expenditure, build resilience against future shocks, and provide the means for people to take advantage of opportunities.

Hogan Lovells Going for Gold Report 2015
Research | 17 December 2015

This report outlines how a social enterprise business can preserve its mission as it grows and raises further investment

Investing in the next generation Fact Sheet
Research | 1 November 2015

This pamphlet brings together a collection of ideas from thought-leaders to work together to make a significant impact on the lives of young people, by investing in the next generation.

Research | 1 October 2015

An independent piece of research that prototypes a range of concepts and ideas to improve the social investment field for ventures and strengthen the overall effectiveness of the ecosystem.

Research | 24 September 2015

A joint paper between Big Society Capital and Social Market Foundation on the opportunity for the UK to create new ‘social pension’ funds.

Research | 15 September 2015

A review conducted by Oliver Wyman for Big Society Capital into types of financing instruments used by development finance institutions and the lessons for social investment

Research | 10 September 2015

This new White Paper sets out the first usable tools for investors grappling with the challenges of how to invest for impact and donate money to charity, while considering their need for achieving their financial objectives

Research | 31 August 2015

A paper developed by the major social investors and social finance intermediaries in order to aid thinking by Government about the design and commissioning of future employment support programmes.

Research | 28 July 2015

Big Potential Breakthrough has the capacity to transform how Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations approach investment opportunities dramatically improving their chances of being successful.

Research | 22 July 2015

A report from the Boston Consulting Group, which looks back at the performance and management of the Futurebuilders-England Fund over the last ten years.

Research | 5 June 2015

First ever independent data centric study into a key segment of the UK social investment market.

Research | 4 June 2015

Provides an overview of the current state of impact measurement practices in the social finance sector and the practical challenges that investors are facing.

Research | 28 May 2015

Summary of ten reports which outline the potential for social investment to address key social issues.

Research | 29 April 2015

This Social Investment Insights paper focuses on how social investment can be used to support arts, heritage and sports organisations.

Research | 15 April 2015

This report provides an analysis of over 300 impact investing funds using data from ImpactBase.

Research | 7 April 2015

This Social Investment Insights paper focuses on how social investment can be used to support the conservation of the environment.

Research | 26 March 2015

With a focus on tackling financial exclusion, this report looks at how the UK can strengthen its community investment sector with lessons learnt from the US experience.

Research | 13 March 2015

This Social Investment Insights paper focuses on how social investment can be used to support community organisations.

Research | 10 March 2015

This Social Investment Insights paper focuses on how social investment can be used to support families, friends and relationships.