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Returns Policy?

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The report outlines the issues facing both the supply and demand sides of the social investment market, and some of the challenges these present to policymakers and practitioners.

Social investment - the intentational use of money to produce a combined social and financial benefit through investing - is an idea that has been around for some time, but is now starting to creep into the mainstream. Over the last few years we have seen social investment initiatives hit the news around the world, from the UK (where it is more commonly called impact investing) to India and we have seen policymakers sit up and take notice of social investment as a way to address pressing social needs.

CAF has been in the vanguard of the social investment movement in the UK for more than a decade. Our social investment fund, CAF Venturesome, was launched in 2002 and marked it 400th investment deal earlier this year. The G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce, which was convened when London hosted the G8 in 2013, has also just published the report of its year-long investitgation in the future of social investment around the world.

This seemed, therefore, like an opportune time to take stock: to reflect on where social investment has got to in the UK and to highlight what we think the key areas of focus will be over the next decade.

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26 September 2014