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Social Pensions Technical Paper Cover Big Society Capital
Research | 25 October 2016

This paper demonstrates what a social investment fund that is fit for investment by pension funds on behalf of UK savers could look like. 

Research | 17 December 2014

Despite growing demand for charity services, concerted attempts to take proven approaches to scale are few and far between, with successful examples even rarer. This paper proposes ways of assessing the viability of scaling in different contexts.

Research | 16 September 2014

This report investigates the UK experience and finds provision of impact readiness support is limited and therefore makes recommendations for strengthening impact readiness support.

Research | 2 September 2014

How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies.

Research | 30 July 2014

This paper highlights the exciting developments in the charity bond market and draws out the opportunities to grow this market even further.