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Blog | 22 September 2014

The Greenway Centre is run by the Southmead Development Trust to serve the community of Southmead and North Bristol. See more at:

Blog | 19 September 2014

Oomph! runs specialist exercise classes with older people in care homes and the community, that deliver both physical and mental health benefits. 

Blog | 18 September 2014

This week Danyal Sattar joins the team at Big Society Capital. Here he reflects on his journey so far in social investment.

Research | 16 September 2014

This report investigates the UK experience and finds provision of impact readiness support is limited and therefore makes recommendations for strengthening impact readiness support.

Blog | 15 September 2014

Today sees the publication of 'Impact Investment: The Invisible Heart of Markets', produced by the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established under the UK's presidency of the G8.  

News | 15 September 2014

A group of leading experts in social investment from the UK have today set out their vision for the next stages of development of the social impact investment market in the UK. The report 'Building a social impact investment market: The UK experience' is part of the culmination of a year's work, following the launch of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce under the UK's presidency of the G8 in 2013.

Blog | 12 September 2014

This weekend is the first Social Saturday, a day to celebrate and buy from social enterprises. At Big Society Capital, supporting social enterprises is core to what we do. Here, Andrew our Operations Manager shares some insights into how we're trying to do more to support social enterprises through the organisations we buy services and products from.

Research | 12 September 2014

The Compendium provides a portfolio of research and intelligence on the social investment market.

Research | 8 September 2014

The report considers the change in mind-set needed to encourage procurement to be used for investment for social innovation and prevention and details the recommendations to make this effective.

Research | 5 September 2014

This report provides an overview of the key initiatives that contributed to the development of the market in the UK, and provides commentary on how the market developed. It also provides recommendations for developing the next phase of the social investment market.

News | 3 September 2014

High net worth individuals face missing out on the benefits of the new Social Investment Tax Relief because their advisers do not know enough about it, a poll commissioned by Big Society Capital has found.

Blog | 2 September 2014

Today, Impact Ventures UK (IVUK) announces that it has earmarked £2 million for investment in a unique joint venture with Glasgow based social enterprise Homes for Good (Scotland) CIC, which will create a portfolio of newly refurbished properties dedicated for people in social housing need across the Greater Glasgow region.

Research | 2 September 2014

This report provides a basic introduction to explain how business can drive social change, enabling high net worth individuals, family offices and others move towards meaningful, measurable impact.

Research | 2 September 2014

How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies.

Research | 28 August 2014

The report provides guidelines for impact measurement and seven best practice guidelines for impact investors to integrate into their investment management processes.

Blog | 26 August 2014

It was with shock and tremendous sadness that we heard of Stephen’s tragic accident last week.

When setting up Big Society Capital, Stephen’s insight and depth of knowledge about charities, social enterprises and corporate structuring was instrumental in turning the vision of a 'social investment bank' into the reality of Big Society Capital.

Research | 21 August 2014

This Social Investment Insights paper focuses on how social investment can be used to support the housing sector.

Blog | 14 August 2014

Last week we shared with you what we and our friends at ClearlySo think are the major 'Dos' of pitching for social investment. This week, we would like to share with you our thoughts on the major Don’ts of pitching for social investment.

Blog | 12 August 2014

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) was introduced in the Finance Bill 2014 to kick-start social investment in the UK and was enacted into law in July 2014. This is a vital step in ensuring that charities and social enterprises get the risk capital they need.

Blog | 7 August 2014

Social investment lies at the intersection of social and financial return. For social organisations looking for investment, this creates a need to find a balance in pitching between looking like you are prioritising financial returns over social outcomes, and looking like you are so socially minded that you are unlikely to be able to produce financial returns alongside social ones.

Research | 30 July 2014

This paper highlights the exciting developments in the charity bond market and draws out the opportunities to grow this market even further.

Blog | 25 July 2014

Today Big Society Capital is pleased to announce the release of its Social Investment Insights piece 'Growing the Market for Charity Bonds', outlining the development of the charity bond market to-date and highlighting some of the potential future initiatives that could further accelerate charities and social enterprises access to the public debt markets and the attraction of capital at scale into the social investment market.

Blog | 22 July 2014

In a recent artlce for Pioneers Post, David Floyd looked at the moral and practical dilemmas of creating markets where the end customer doesn’t pay (e.g. NHS). But are there further implications of end customers not paying for charities’ services? And how can we embed customer-centricity in the third sector to encourage greater innovation, efficiency, and ultimately better outcomes for people?

News | 15 July 2014

Big Society Capital has appointed Anne Wade, formerly Director of Capital International, to join its Board. 

Blog | 11 July 2014

Helen Heap and Robbie Davison have written a thoughtful short book "The Investable Social Entrepreneur - Introducing Builder Capital."  Geetha Rabindrakumar, with her experience from working in Big Society Capital and a range of charities, and Danyal Sattar, as a grant maker and social investor with Esmee Fairbairn Foundation discuss “Builder Capital”: