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Research | 30 July 2014

This paper highlights the exciting developments in the charity bond market and draws out the opportunities to grow this market even further.

Blog | 25 July 2014

Today Big Society Capital is pleased to announce the release of its Social Investment Insights piece 'Growing the Market for Charity Bonds', outlining the development of the charity bond market to-date and highlighting some of the potential future initiatives that could further accelerate charities and social enterprises access to the public debt markets and the attraction of capital at scale into the social investment market.

Blog | 22 July 2014

In a recent artlce for Pioneers Post, David Floyd looked at the moral and practical dilemmas of creating markets where the end customer doesn’t pay (e.g. NHS). But are there further implications of end customers not paying for charities’ services? And how can we embed customer-centricity in the third sector to encourage greater innovation, efficiency, and ultimately better outcomes for people?

News | 15 July 2014

Big Society Capital has appointed Anne Wade, formerly Director of Capital International, to join its Board. 

Blog | 11 July 2014

Helen Heap and Robbie Davison have written a thoughtful short book "The Investable Social Entrepreneur - Introducing Builder Capital."  Geetha Rabindrakumar, with her experience from working in Big Society Capital and a range of charities, and Danyal Sattar, as a grant maker and social investor with Esmee Fairbairn Foundation discuss “Builder Capital”:

Blog | 25 June 2014

Big Society Capital has today invested £1 million into Resonance's Community Shares Underwriting Fund (CSUF), expanding the Fund’s total value to £2 million and making it the largest of its kind in the UK. 

Research | 24 June 2014

This report investigates the demand for loan finance amongst social enterprises, and draws conclusions as to how to support gaps in the provision of finance without displacing existing finance.

News | 19 June 2014

The Community Shares Underwriting Fund (CSUF), created and managed by social investment experts Resonance, has today received a £1 million investment from Big Society Capital.

Blog | 18 June 2014

A new report by Bates Wells Braithwaite, commissioned by the Social Investment Research Council, published today, sets out the barriers for both social investors and investees created by the Financial Promotion Regime.

Research | 18 June 2014

Groupe SOS – An international case study.

Research | 9 June 2014

This paper draws together Big Society Capital’s experience as a social investor in Social Impact Bonds to-date.

Blog | 4 June 2014

Today's Queen Speech included the announcment of the forthcoming Pensions Bill. Alongside other colleagues in the Social Economy Alliance, Big Society Capital has joined a call for this to include a French-style ’90-10’ rule.

Blog | 3 June 2014

The first ever issuing platfom that will enable charities to raise medium term debt through bonds listed on the London Stock Exchange was launched yesterday in a partnership between Allia and Canaccord Genuity.

Research | 24 May 2014

This research explores the ‘Financial Promotion Regime’ and other overlapping regulation where relevant. It provides an overview and guidance on the practical application of the Regime for social enterprises (investees) and retail investors.

Blog | 20 May 2014

In 2013 Big Society Capital invested in ClearlySo as part of our commitment to supporting the infrastructure needed to help grow the social investment market. ClearlySo has since used the investment to grow its execution, advisory and investor relations teams, to provide it with the capacity to support more entrepreneurs and raise more capital. In that time they have supported 18 organisations, where businesses and funds raised over £31m in investment. Of that, £15m was raised directly by ClearlySo. Significantly, it enabled ClearlySo to work with Impact Ventures UK, which reached a first close of £20.8m in December 2013.

News | 19 May 2014

Big Society Capital has appointed the former Founding Director of the Northern Rock Foundation, Fiona Ellis, to join its Board. 

Blog | 12 May 2014

Impact Ventures UK (IVUK) - which received investment £10 million of cornerstone investment from Big Society Capital - has invested in Buddy Enterprises Ltd, a social enterprise that was founded to provide a digital tool, Buddy App, to support therapy services in the fields of mental health and well-being.

Blog | 7 May 2014

To celebrate our second anniversary, our Chair and Chief Executive share their thoughts on Big Society Capital and the development of social investment in the UK.

Blog | 2 May 2014

Last night, we celebrated Big Society Capital’s second anniversary at an event kindly hosted by CCLA, with a room full of people who have all played a role in taking the vision for social investment and Big Society Capital ‘from ambition to action’. We heard from speakers including Nick Hurd, the Minister for Civil Society [“it really feels like the idea of social investment is coming of age. It’s always been a beautiful vision but day by day we’re turning it into a reality that touches people’s lives”] and four organisations that have received investment (DERiCReal Lettings, Impact Ventures UK and Bridges Social Impact Bond Fund).

Blog | 2 May 2014

We’ve just published a strategy for Big Society Capital to guide our next few years. It sets out a vision for the future social investment market, and what we can do as a champion and investor to work towards this vision. 

News | 1 May 2014

Big Society Capital, the world's first social investment bank, today published its 2013 annual report, outlining performance to date and setting out a new three-year strategy.

Blog | 29 April 2014

Today the Social Investment Research Council, launched last year as a partnership between Big Lottery Fund, Big Society Capital, Citi, City of London Corporation and Cabinet Office, publishes its first report.

News | 29 April 2014

Institutional investors will be a key source of risk capital and long-term finance for the UK social investment market as it continues to grow, according to a new report published today.

News | 19 April 2014

Local Partnerships launches Technology Spin-out Fund to support public sector spin-outs

A new £6 million initiative announced today will enable public sector spin-outs access to loans of between £250 thousand and £1 million for investment in technology to improve services in health and social care.   

Research | 16 April 2014

This report assesses the performance and impact of the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund (ICRF) and makes six recommendations for the improving the Fund.