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Supporting communities
to improve lives

We care about tackling entrenched issues of poverty and inequality in communities across the UK.

Our vision is for the power of places to be unleashed, creating thriving and inclusive communities that can tackle local issues.

Impact and performance

invested in charities and social enterprises

organisations receiving investment

people benefiting from £3.4m generated by community energy projects

people have invested £100 million into over 350 community share issues since 2009


There are areas of the UK which have been left behind for many years, and even in relatively prosperous areas there are huge inequalities and entrenched poverty.

We believe that where you happen to be born should not affect your ability to live a happy and fruitful life.

We will use our tools and resources, alongside partners rooted locally and nationally, to address these issues and help enable thriving and inclusive communities in the long term.


Social investment has a role to play in addressing these issues, but we believe it’s just one part of the solution.

Only by working with others – who bring a range of complementary tools, skills, experience and resources – will we be able communities to develop and flourish.

Creating long-term positive social change in this area can be complex. We’re committed to learning, sharing our learning, and updating our approach as we go.


Finance for Scottish based charities and social enterprises
To acquire and develop community assets
To support underserved local business to improve lives


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