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Supporting communities to improve lives

Some areas of the UK have been left behind, and even in better off areas there are pockets of disadvantage. We believe that by working with both local and national partners it will be possible to bring together a range of social investment tools to make a difference in communities.

We have seen social investment support business models ranging from community assets like energy generation to those addressing financial exclusion for individuals and businesses. We want to see local people and institutions across the country – and especially in disadvantaged areas – attracting and using social investment to rebuild and improve the lives of people in those places.

So far across our investments (and beyond)

invested in charities and social enterprises

organisations receiving investment

people benefiting from £3.4m generated by community energy projects

people have invested £100 million into over 350 community share issues since 2009


To crowdfund for local projects
To acquire and develop community assets
To create local investment pools

How charities and social enterprises are using social investment

Southmead Development Trust

The Greenway Centre is a community run business centre and community hub. It used social investment to install solar panels.

Southville Community Development Association

The Chessel Centre will offer additional quality nursery care for children in Bristol.


Ecodynamic has installed a wind turbine to provide green energy and provide consistent revenue to support local projects.

HCT Group 

HCT Group used social investment to scale their community transport business

We would like to explore ways to connect the range of social investment tools better to the context and needs of particular areas and communities, and especially to places that face disadvantage. In the coming months we will collaborate with key partners, to identify the areas we will work in.

We are interested in hearing from partners with ideas for investment tools that would have reach into disadvantaged areas, investors and funders with particular interest in place-based approaches as well as from local leaders who would like to explore how to develop social investment strategies for their place.

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