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Focus on:
Early action to prevent problems

Lives are damaged and huge amounts of money are spent because of tough social issues which could have been prevented. We will use social investment to improve people’s lives by tackling problems at an early stage.

This area of work includes social impact bonds but also goes much more widely, for example investing in new organisations that come up with ways to prevent social problems. In the coming months we will collaborate with key partners to identify the social issue areas where social investment can make a difference.

So far, across our investments

invested in charities and social enterprises

organisations receiving investment

children accessing nurseries or childcare

at risk young people whose attendance at school was improved

Examples from our current investment portfolio

Finance for social sector organisations to improve social outcomes through payment-by-results contracts.
Finance to develop and scale community care services for people affected by cancer and those with long-term conditions.
Social Impact Bond to improve accommodation and work outcomes for a group of young, homeless people with complex circumstances.


Oomph! is helping older people stay healthy by running specialist exercise classes in care homes across the UK. It used social investment to grow its social business.
Teens and Toddlers is a Social Impact Bond working with young people in the North West. It is part of the Department for Work and Pensions' Innovation Fund.
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