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Non-bank lending

Restored wharf building now serving as a centre for social enterprise, with a café, exhibition space, conference facilities and work space.

Working with children, families and vulnerable adults to provide protection, safeguarding and support.

High-quality business and leadership programmes for the social sector.

Providing essential furniture and white goods to people on low incomes.

Faith-based charity distributing food, toys and medical equipment to people living in poverty.

Providing services for people experiencing mental ill-health.

Proving homes for people in desperate housing need, giving training and life skills to excluded young people, and turning abandoned and derelict houses into homes.

Building strong, sustainable communities in areas of regeneration by helping people set up and develop their own businesses, providing affordable workspace and supporting people into work.

Person-centred services supporting people with disabilities to achieve greater equality.

Community owned energy hub installing solar arrays on the rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings to provide cheaper and cleaner electircity.