What we do
Engaging and investing

Big Society Capital improves the lives of people in the UK by connecting social investment to charities and social enterprises.

We know that investment can help charities and social enterprises achieve more. We believe the greatest chance to improve lives comes when investors and enterprises are both motivated by social mission.

We engage with investors, fund managers, charities and social enterprises to make it easier to use social investment. With our co-investors, we have made over £1bn of new capital available to organisations with a social mission, through investments into fund managers and social banks. We have a special focus on: providing homes for people in need; supporting communities to improve lives; and early action to prevent problems.

Making it easier to use social investment

We want to make it easier for more people and organisations to use social investment. We do this by working with partners to build understanding of social investment among charities and social enterprises, and also with potential investors.

So far across our engagement work

People Icon representing Number of People Using Good Finance

people used GoodFinance.org.uk, which we helped co-develop, in its first month
Lightbulb icon representing understanding of social investment amongst charities and social enterprises

of charities and social enterprises said their understanding of social investment had improved in the past 2 years
Arrows icon representing trusts and foundations in the social impact investors group

trusts and foundations now in the Social Impact Investors Group, which we help convene (25 in 2012)
Money Icon Representing Social Investment

raised using Social Investment Tax Relief, which we helped lobby for and supported uptake of through the GET SITR campaign

Charity & social enterprise engagement

We work with charities and social enterprises to build their understanding and awareness of social investment

Investor engagement

We work with a range of stakeholders including institutional and individual investors, trusts, charities and foundations

Social impact tools

We support the development of impact measurement

Making investments

We invest in intermediaries, who then invest in charities and social enterprises to tackle social issues across the UK. We focus on sustainable solutions that will achieve positive investment returns. We believe those solutions will be able to attract the most co-investors and, ultimately, achieve the greatest systemic change. 

Our impact on the market so far

Money Icon Representing Number of Social Investment Deals

of total social investment deals in 2016 (£213m in 2012)
Graph Icon Representing non-bank social investment deals

of non-bank social investment deals in 2016 (£47m in 2012)
Arrows icon representing trusts and foundations in the social impact investors group

match from co-investors across our investments
Building Blocks Icon Representing funding that went to start-ups and intermediaries

of our investments went into start-up intermediaries, teams or products

Our investment approach

We actively seek partners to co-design proposals addressing specific social issues and market gaps
We work with intermediaries to develop and assess investment proposals 
We take an active role post-investment to build social and financial performance and share learnings
Apply to us  We invest in intermediaries who provide financial or other support to charities and social enterprises. We do not invest directly in charities or social enterprises

Our current portfolio

Our investments are helping charities and social enterprises make a difference all over the country.

Case studies

Hundreds of charities and social enterprises have already benefited from our investments, via a range of intermediaries. 

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