Charity & social enterprise

Our goal is to ensure that charities and social enterprises are aware of the diverse range of social investment products that are available. We do this by raising awareness and building confidence of social investment. Through a range of partnerships, our team play a key role in sharing information, best practice and key case studies.


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Website to enable charities and social enterprises to learn more about social investment

Let's Talk Good Finance

A hub of regional social investment networks created to provide charities and social enterprises with a local safe space to know more about social investment and better navigate the market. 


Practical support and guidance on social investment for board members


A package of support to help more charities and social enterprises raise investment using Social Investment Tax Relief.

How we work

Reaching many – we engage via:

We also create material and guides to help charities and social enterprises understand the options available.

View our Beginner's Guide to Social Investment

Reaching more – in order to extend our reach, we are also working to:

Partnerships - we are working with a number of national partners with access to a diverse range of charities and social enterprises.

Our partners: 


Find out more on how to partner with us. 

If you would like us to participate in an event or workshop, please contact Luna Dizon in the communications team. 


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