Social Issue Focus | Big Society Capital

Our aim is to bring social investors, commissioners, charities and social enteprises together to share what is already working or being tested in social investment.

Our work is particularly focused on the following key social issue areas where we have seen the industry most active: 

If your organisation works with a range of charities and social enterprises within one or more of these issue areas, there may be a benefit in us exploring how we might work together in partnership. Here are some of the organisations we work with:

Housing and Homelessness 

Health & Social Care 

Children and Young People

Local Communities

Whilst we prioritise these areas, we are always keen to work with partners spanning across the range of social issues affecting people in the UK. 

Our work across these areas consists of two strands:

1. Sharing case studies and best practice - We actively showcase how social investment is helping charities and social enterprises tackle some of the country's biggest social problems. We frequently partner with organisations across these areas to share key learnings. 

2. Co-developing investment ideas - We are also looking to bring the views and needs of the sector to support and inform the work of our investment team. This can involve developing ideas with charities and social enterprises that have expert knowledge on their specific issue areas. 

Examples of our work: 

Social investment and homelessness seminars  - 3rd & 16th September 2015