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Our goal is to increase funding for charities and social enterprises

We do this by engaging with existing and potential investors to raise awareness and understanding of the investment opportunities available. We also ensure that new funds and products understand the focus and needs of investors

Institutional investors

We help mainstream financial institutions learn more about social investment, how they can be social investors or create social investment products.

Trusts, charities and foundations

We help trusts, charities and foundations learn how they can be social investors. We actively support those who are already making social investments to do more.

Individual investors

We work with financial institutions and intermediaries with strong links to individual investors to raise awareness of social investment and showcase the range of investment products available.

examples of investment opportunities

There are a growing number of opportunities for investors to get involved in social investment. In this section you can explore examples from our portfolio of the sorts of social investment opportunities that are available to investors



Event | 6-8 June 2016

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Evita Zanuso

Financial Relationships Director

Joanna Heywood

Relationships Director