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Co-creating new ideas

We actively seek partners to originate or co-design proposals which address specific social issues and fill gaps where social investment isn’t available.

All our teams work on developing new investment ideas, this is overseen by our Head of Origination.

How our investment criteria influence our activities

           Social impact

Our approach to originating new investment proposals starts from analysis of social issues, led by our issue based groups. It is also founded on relationships with the charities, social enterprises and other organisations and funders that tackle these problems.

We prioritise interventions and organisations that improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the UK. We are particularly interested in exploring approaches which are preventative, community based and involve integration of services and funding.

           Market development

Investment ideas are matched against our strategic strands. We will prioritise those that contribute strongly to our vision for the social investment market, and address gaps that we have identified.  We look in particular for ideas and interventions that are replicable and/or scaleable.

Our co-development approach aims to bring new partners into the market. In particular we would like to work with partners who help us to reach underserved charities and social enterprises or to bring in new sources of capital into the social investment market.

           Financial sustainability

We select investment ideas where we believe there is a sustainable revenue model as well as the potential for positive social change. We consider whether the amount of capital needed would justify establishing an intermediary. We also assess whether the risk and returns are likely to be a good fit for our co-investment partners.

Next steps

Find out more on how to partner with us or apply for investment.  You can also view the updated investment ideas we are working on.