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GET INFORMED: Get a mentor

Throughout the year, the GET INFORMED campaign is offering 100 ‘financial/investment expertise’ mentors to help build board skills on social investment. 

Why should you get a mentor? Hear from peers on the benefits of social investment mentoring.

You will be matched with someone who has a good knowledge of social investment and understands the roles and responsibilities of charity trustees and social enterprise board directors with regards to finance, investment and associated risks. They will provide at least 8 hours of support to you over a 6 to 12 month period. Where possible we will match you with someone close to you, but if not the mentoring may take place over telephone, skype or email.

Mentoring is peer support in the form of sharing knowledge, skills, experience, opinion, informal advice. Please remember that it does not constitute professional advice which will need to be sought independently to ensure expert guidance pertaining to any financial transaction or decision making.

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Find out how you can help charity and social enterprise board members learn more about social investment. 

GET INFORMED mentoring is delivered by Trustees Unlimited 

Mentoring is also supported by the Small Charities Coalition 

Small Charities Coalition was created by small charities to respond to the need for free, accessible and sustainable support. Now a coalition of over 8,000 members, their mission is to champion the role of all small charities, whether registered or not, that have an annual income of less than £1 million. They collaborate with individuals and organisations across all sectors to provide small charities with development opportunities such as skill sharing, training and resources.