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What is Social Investment Tax Relief?

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is the government's tax relief for social investment. It was introduced to encourage individuals to invest into social enterprises, charities and community businesses by offsetting the risk to investors. For eligible social enterprises, charities and community businesses, SITR is a tool that can be used to raise flexible capital for their trading activities. Individual investors can receive a 30% tax break on SITR investments.

What type of capital can SITR raise?


Find out if your organisation is eligible to use SITR

Free support and resources to use SITR

As part of our ongoing work to make social investment easier for social enterprises and charities to use, GET SITR is an initiative offering free support and resources to better understand and use SITR. You can find out more about what's on offer below. You can also sign-up to our GET SITR mailing list for the latest news and resources.

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Restrictions on leasing, letting assets on hire or licensing

Resources for social enterprises & charities

Read our SITR FAQs and guides to the rules and regulations around SITR
SITR resources for investors and advisers

Resources for investors & advisers

Find additional resources for investors, fund managers & professional advisers
SITR market sizing

News & Blogs

Read the lastest news and blogs
How to raise investment using SITR

Raising investment

Learn about the ways you can raise investment using SITR

Case studies

See case studies of organisations already using SITR
Hear from a Peer: Social Investment Tax Relief webinar


Watch our webinars featuring expert advice and sharing experience of raising investment using SITR 


Listen to our Ask an Expert on SITR podcast. We aslo have a two-part podcast on SITR and Social Impact Bonds
SITR event at Good Finance Live NW in Manchester


Find the latest events including free workshops across the UK and 1:1 SITR surgeries with our tax expert.

Resources for charities & social enterprises

Guidance to use SITR

Guidance on restrictions

Additional guides

Example documents

Big Society Capital has supported a legal consultant to develop example SITR documents by working with some of the first charities and social enterprises using SITR. 

The documents below are examples of documents that have been used in the application process, notably the clearance letter sent to HMRC and the individual transaction documents.

Please note these documents are provided by way of example only and are not precedent documents. As such, no reliance should be placed on these documents or the information contained therein. You should be aware that these documents or the information inside them may not be appropriate for your particular circumstances. These documents should only be used in conjunction with independent tax advice.

Help with an advance assurance application to HMRC

As listed under the guides, we also have resources to help organisations apply for advance assurance. This includes an editable framework for an advance assurance application.

Additional resources for Investors & Advisers

For investors

Explore how you could use SITR as an investor and find a range of resources including guides, webinars & podcasts.

For advisers

If you work with charities, social enterprises or investors, find resources to help you better support your clients on SITR.

Read the latest news & blogs

Raising investment using SITR

There are a number of ways to raise investment using Social Investment Tax Relief:

  • Through a specialist SITR fund managed by a social investor
  • With the support of a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending platform, which you can use as your vehicle to raise investment via loans or equity (community shares)
  • As a direct deal, which essentially means you identify the lenders without the support of an investment intermediary (although you may well engage the support of another sort of professional service such as a lawyer, wealth manager or financial adviser)

Learn more about the different ways to raise SITR investment

Do also watch our webinars where you can hear from experts as well as peers who have already raised SITR investment. 

Watch our latest webinar

Watch to hear from three organisations who have raised investment using SITR.

Order of the webinar and times:

  • Melanie Mills, Big Society Capital - Introduction
  • (0:01:10) What is Social Investment Tax Relief
  • (0:04:35) Stephanie Limb from Holbrook Community Society talks about how they used community shares eligible for SITR to raise investment
  • (0:23:49) Mel Ellis from Challenge Academy talks about how they raised investment through an SITR fund
  • (0:38:23) Julius Ibrahim from Second Shot Coffee talks about how they raised investment directly through individuals
  • (1:01:10) Questions & Answers
  • (1:10:00) Top tips from experts and the panel.


You can watch more of our webinars below. Do also go to our YouTube Channel to see our SITR playlist.

Learn about SITR with our webinars

Ask an Expert: How to raise investment using SITR

Our experts cover three different ways you can raise investment using SITR: through funds; crowdfunding and community shares; and directly from individuals.

SITR: All you need to know on Advanced Assurance

Learn how you can apply for Advance Assurance with HMRC, what to consider during the process and get expert advice on making a successful application.

SITR: Changes to the rules in 2017

Learn about SITR and find out about changes to the rules in 2017 including what the new limits are.

SITR made simple

Learn about the opportunities Social Investment Tax Relief brings to charities and social enterprises as well as Big Society Capital's GET SITR campaign.

Listen to our podcasts

Ask an Expert: Your questions on SITR

We put your questions to our expert on Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR), Neil Pearson, tax lawyer and partner at Mills and Reeve. You'll also hear from Melanie Mills at Big Society Capital as she explains what you can do to feed into the government's review of SITR so that it's easier to use and more social enterprises, charities and community businesses can use it.

Issues covered include:

  • Restrictions around asset leasing & the 20% rule related to trading activities on the 'naughty list'
  • Subsidiaries & other issues related to legal structures
  • Whether your enterprise can use SITR if it's carrying a net loss
  • Structuring an SITR investment at an interest rate on your terms
  • How it works alongside other tax reliefs



Listen to our two-part podcast on Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) and Social Impact Bonds (SIBs). 

  • Part 1 features Mark Simms, CEO of charity P3, who talks about their experience of SITR and SIBs.
  • Part 2 features Katalin Juhasz, Investment Manager at Resonance, with their experience of SITR and SIBs.

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View case studies of organisations already using SITR

FareShare South West Image

FareShare South West

FareShare South West works with the food industry to reduce food waste & distributes produce to organisations working with vulnerable people. They used investment raised using SITR to support their socially conscious and sustainable catering enterprise.

FC United of Manchester

FC United of Manchester is a co-operative and community benefit society that has various projects including youth work, school holiday play schemes and adult education. With investment raised using SITR, they built a new stadium helping them to expand their services.
Ambition East Midlands Participant Image

Ambition East Midlands

Ambition East Midlands is a charity that helps the most vulnerable young homeless people in the region. They used a Social Impact Bond and investment raised using SITR to to support and reach more people.
The Spotted Cow Pub

The Spotted Cow

The Spotted Cow is a community ownd pub and hub that offers a bar, restaurant, Post Office and B&B under one roof. They raised investment through community shares eligible for SITR using a crowdfunding platform.

Clevedon Pier

Clevedon Pier Heritage and Limited Trust is a Community Benefit Society which raised money via SITR to help renovate and sustain Clevedon Pier. 

Burley Gate Community Shop

Burley Gate Community Shop & Post Office raised money from the local community to help save the shop from closure. 

Portpatrick Harbour

Portpatrick Harbour is a community-owned asset based in Scotland and has been supported by money raised using SITR. 

South Bristol Sports Centre

South Bristol Sports Centre works with young people in one of the most deprived areas in Bristol and is using investment to finance the construction of six five-a-side football pitches. 
Our Power Smart meter

Our Power

Our Power is a Community Benefit Society offering customers cheaper, fairer and more transparent energy tariffs. It is one of the first organisations to make use of SITR's new £1.5m limit.

BS3 Community (Southville Community Development Association)

The Chessel Centre offers quality nursery care for children in Bristol. Using a Social Impact Bond, which was eligible for SITR and was doubled by the Crowd Match Fund, they were able to create 54 additional nursery places.

Aspire Gloucestershire

Aspire Gloucestershire helps the most vulnerable young homeless people in Gloucestershire. Using investment through a Social Impact Bond, they were able to offer 150 more young people places in their programme.
Freedom Bakery Prison Initiative Image

Freedom Bakery

The Freedom Bakery trains prisoners at a maximum security prison, HMP Low Moss, to make artisan bread. Investment raised directly from individual investors using SITR helped to grow their prison-based social enterprise.

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