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Application guidance: Pre-due diligence

The Pre Due Diligence Screen is designed to quickly identify if your proposal meets with our investment criteria and strategy before we embark on due diligence.

Pre Due Diligence Process Big Society Capital

We will also confirm the eligibility of your organisations for our investment at this stage, by reviewing it against our investment requirements.

What do you need to provide?        

We ask you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form via our website.

A member of the investment team may also call you or arrange a meeting in order to find out more detail. If necessary, they may request further information on your business plan and social impact at this stage.

What will Big Society Capital do?

The investment team member responsible for the application will assess strategic fit and eligibility. They will take a one page recommendation whether to proceed to full due diligence  to our Investment Committee (the format is the third page of the Pre Due Diligence.pdf above).  We will generally communicate the decision to you within 24 hours of the Investment Committee

How long will it take?

We aim to get back to you within two weeks of receiving your EOI to confirm next steps and whether a meeting or call will be required.   Timescales then can vary depending on the need for additional information, the number of pending proposals we are considering and the scheduling of our Investment Committee.

The next application stage is then due diligence of your proposal.