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Big White Wall

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Big White Wall is a digital mental health and wellbeing service, which used social investment to scale their social business.


People with mental health issues, or experiencing emotional or psychological distress, may avoid sharing their feelings with friends, family or healthcare professionals due to stigma. Of the one in four who experience a mental health problem, the majority will not receive treatment.


Big White Wall is an anonymous digital mental health and wellbeing service where people who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues can talk freely about their problems and self-manage their own mental health.


Model Big White Wall is a subscription service. The investment is repaid through subscribing organisations, including NHS providers, government departments, the armed forces and universities, as well as individuals.


Big White Wall members get instant access to 24/7 support, are supported to self-manage their mental health without recourse to further help, with 95% of users reporting improvements in their wellbeing.

Big White Wall is transforming mental health services in the UK, improving the wellbeing of thousands of people. We invested in the organisation so that it can scale up its activity and bring its innovative solutions to even more people.

Raf Goovaerts, LGT Venture Philanthropy

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£2 million