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Factory Skatepark

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Factory skatepark is a charity that engages young people through extreme sports. It used social investment to grow its social business.


Young people with low self-esteem, low educational attainment and a lack of role models are more likely not to make the transition into work, training or further education.


Factory Skatepark engages young people through extreme sports and provides homework clubs, youth clubs, volunteering programmes and peer-to-peer education and stewardship.


Model Factory Skatepark will repay the investment through income generated by the business such as admission fees to Factory Skatepark and Fun Factory (a children’s soft play centre).


Factory Skatepark has over 21,000 registered people who use the facilities and services offered. There were 1,722 attendances at homework clubs, 1,130 attendances at community outreach events and 1,052 attendances at youth clubs.

We are proud to have helped finance Factory Skatepark’s original building back in 2004, which helped them carry out their work for the local community without interruption. Since then, they’ve diversified their business and are not just engaging with young people, but are developing a play centre and running IT classes for older people as well.

Alastair Davis, Chief Executive, Social Investment Scotland

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8 years
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£818,735 (group)