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Ways to Wellness

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Ways to Wellness developed a social impact bond to support people living with long-term health conditions in Newcastle. 


The west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne is one of the most deprived areas in England. People from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to suffer with long-term health conditions, typically with an earlier onset.They have poorer health outcomes and consume more health service resources.


Ways to Wellness adds to and complements medical support through social prescribing: patients are helped to manage their long-term conditions through one-to-one support and given access to community based activities such as becoming more active, learning to eat and cook more healthily or getting back to work.

Revenue Model

Ways to Wellness is funded through a Social Impact Bond (SIB). Repayments to investors will be governed by a “payments-by-results” contract with the Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group, calculated on the basis of long-term savings through reduced use of hospital services.


Over the seven-year SIB, more than 11,000 people will benefit from Ways to Wellness. The success of the programme will be measured by an improvement in patient wellbeing and reductions in hospital visits, hospital admissions and the length of hospital stays.

Ways to Wellness is providing an innovative, community-driven response to an increasingly pressing healthcare challenge in the UK. By helping 11,000 people over the seven years of the programme, it can deliver demonstrably better health and wellbeing outcomes for people in the Newcastle West area - while also illustrating how social impact bonds can bring together multiple stakeholder groups to tackle deep-seated social problems.

Mila Lukic, Investment Manager, Bridges Ventures

Key information

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7 years
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Outcomes payment
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£1.65 million
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£10 million over duration of SIB