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Big Society Capital investment | £


Growth finance to expand ClearlySo’s ability to raise capital for charities and business focused on impact and provide​ investment readiness support.

Social impact

It can often be challenging for charities and social enterprises to raise funds from investors given the need to know both who has capital to invest and is interested in a certain social issue area or type of investment and how to effectively approach such investors.

ClearlySo works exclusively with high-impact businesses, charities and funds. For businesses and charities raising between £150k and £20m, ClearlySo supports their capital raising activity through financial advisory work, deal structuring, and introductions to institutional and individual investors who share their objectives and values. ClearlySo supports social enterprises in raising the capital they need to grow their businesses and thereby grow their impact.

Each business ClearlySo engages with must have demonstrable and scalable social or environmental impact, and embedded impact measurement or at least a plan for how impact will be measured and reported. ClearlySo are working towards developing an impact report soon.

Financial rationale

We expect to see an increase in demand for investment from social entrepreneurs as well as an increase in fund managers seeking to raise capital for impact investment funds. Through its services, ClearlySo will help meet that demand, by acting as intermediary between entrepreneurs and investors, supporting the development of the social investment market and growing itself into a sustainable business.

Market development

ClearlySo will use our investment to finance its growth and as a result expand their ability to help more social businesses and enterprises to raise funds they require to grow. ClearlySo and similar intermediaries are key pieces of infrastructure for the social investment market, helping a diverse range of charities and social enterprises to become investment ready and raise capital.

Investment details

  • Big Society Capital investment of £1,287,280
  • Co-investors: Octopus Investments and a number of private investors
Last updated | 
14 June 2016