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Numbers for Good

Fund size | £
Big Society Capital investment | £

Capital to allow Numbers for Good to meet its working capital needs and expands its operations so that it can help social enterprises and charities access social investment.

Social impact

Numbers for Good was founded in 2012 by Bertrand Beghin and Dominic Llewellyn with a mission to use finance as a tool that empowers social enterprises, charities and other organisations striving to improve the world.

Numbers for Good delivers tailored and flexible investment readiness, social impact bond development and performance management and general corporate finance support to charities and social enterprises, and has recently opened a Newcastle office, to expand it’s offering in the North East.

Numbers for Good’s deep empathy with the needs of social enterprises and charities and their ability and willingness to tailor their services to their needs has been a key pillar of their success so far, and was one of the main factors in our decision to invest.

Financial rationale

We expect to see an increase in demand for investment from social entrepreneurs as well as an increase in fund managers seeking to raise capital for impact investment funds. The investment will help Numbers for Good expand its operations so that it can better meet this demand and itself grow into a sustainable organisation.

Market development

Numbers for Good seeks to develop innovative partnerships with corporates, universities and housing associations to catalyse the development of the social investment ecosystem and draw in a diverse range of co-investors, public sector commissioners and service delivery organisations.

Investment details

  • Big Society Capital investment: £250,000 
Last updated | 
23 February 2016