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Social Finance Facility

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Big Society Capital investment | £

Social Finance

Revolving credit facility investment to support Social Finance deliver greater social impact 

Social impact 

Social Impact is at the core of Social Finance's mission by supporting its clients to achieve better outcomes for some of the most vulnerable groups in society. It has a particular focus on young people, health and social care, criminal justice, unemployment, financial inclusion and international development.

Social Finance achieves its social impact through partnerships with government, philanthropy and social investors, charities and social enterprises. Social Finance looks to build, test and scale new responses to social challenges.

Financial rationale 

The revolving credit facility will support Social Finance to manage its working capital across a wide range of business activities, most of which are on a contract basis. The facility can be drawn down and repaid, as needed, over the medium term.

Market development

Social Finance is a leading social investment intermediary that supports the growth of the funding market to enable government, the social sector and financial community to come together to find better solutions to society's most difficult problems. It explores new approaches and innovations to social impact and social investment, supporting a diverse range of clients from social enterprises through to government commissioners.

Investment details

Big Society Capital investment: £1 million revolving credit facility 


Last updated | 
17 November 2016