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Blended capital for impact focused arts organisations

New models

Arts organisations may require smaller amounts of higher risk capital as they develop new revenue streams and build resilience.

Potential social investment solution

A blend of grant and loan could allow arts organisations to deliver greater social impact through arts-based interventions or addressing accessibility barriers. This would  be targeted at smaller loans and complement sources of larger or secured loans such as Charity Bank and the Arts Impact Fund. There may also be a role for SITR to attract investors with an existing interest in arts and culture, and how they can contribute to social change.

Revenues may be derived from consumers or business, such as ticket sales or membership fees, or from commissioned services such as social prescribing. Some organisations may use their commercial activities to cross-subsidise community and social initiatives that would not otherwise be provided. In addition to building a sustainable business model, it is important that organisations are able to articulate and measure the social impact of their activities. 

Who is important in achieving this

Arts Council England, Arts Impact Fund