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Homes for vulnerable people


Support for people facing major challenges in life is considerably more effective when provided in a stable home.

The problem

Access to housing is particularly problematic for people facing other challenges in life and who require additional support (e.g. victims of domestic abuse, mental illness, care leavers)

Potential social investment solution

Social investment can provide capital to acquire property to house particular groups of vulnerable people, while providing them with the support they need. Support funding may be varied depending on public funding for those individuals, but some cross-subsidy approaches may be applicable.

Homes can be bought using social investment and allocated to individuals enrolled in support programmes. Funding for support is key to the success of the investment, both financially and in delivering social impact.

Who we would like to work with

Charities and other social sector organisations looking to deliver support programmes which are critically dependent on their clients being stably housed in their own home.