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Scaling up community-led health and social care


Community-led approaches to supporting vulnerable people can create greater savings for local authorities and better outcomes for individuals.

The problem

There is an expanding need for social care combined with shrinking local authority budgets.

Potential social investment solution

Social investment can provide the risk capital to test and replicate community-based approaches to supporting people, such as DERiC. Interventions can help vulnerable people remain in their homes and make greater use of local community assets and networks.

Revenue sources for these approaches can be directly from health commissioners or local authorities, or may be through personal budgets.

Who we are working with

We have invested in DERiC and Shared Lives

Who we would like to work with

Organisations developing innovative approaches to personal budgets and community-based care that are looking to replicate and scale. We would also like to work with other investors and funders with an interest in investigating and supporting these models.