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Social real estate investment funds


Charities and social enterprises need to access large volumes of suitable housing for the people they support

How can social investment help?​

We have seeded a number of funds which acquire social real estate. We would like to catalyse further innovative finance in this area focusing on the needs of groups of people who are particularly disadvantaged by the market, for instance people who experience learning disability, families and individuals who are homeless and looked-after children.

We do not seek to provide types of finance which are already available to social sector organisations. Instead we will help enable innovative approaches with high social impact which address specific gaps in real estate markets. Large amounts of capital are required to create social impact through real estate investment. Therefore we want to back proposals which attract new investors at scale into the social investment market.

Who we would like to work with

Institutional investors looking to invest in property which delivers the best social outcomes; social sector organisations who deliver high levels of social impact using real estate.